++juh 2017-07-18

Suomalais-style Crossword Puzzle

In this picture crossword, the clues are incorporated in the diagram, so they are briefer than is usual in American crosswords. Each picture clues a word to its right or below it (or both!), but may be offset somewhat so other clues can fit in. Lines dividing clues and arrows are not used to indicate where the answers go, so you may need to figure out when two clues look like one or vice versa.

Clues often do not respect parts of speech, so an adjective may clue a noun that it describes, like ”round” for SPHERE. ”!” and ”?” may be used like ”?” in American clues to indicate a pun, gimmick, thinking outside the box, or literal meaning.

If you want to print the crossword, check your browser’s Print Preview before printing. In print options, you may need to select Print background colors and Print background images.

Note: This is my first real attempt to construct a crossword puzzle in English.

[Published in the National Puzzler’s League’s magazine The ENIGMA, August 2017.]